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The Virtual Solutions Center

Websites & Social Media


Having a Website is vital for businesses, nonprofits, institutions, and other organizations these days … as well as for authors and other professionals with services to promote.

We’ve created and professionally reviewed many and varied Websites. 
Our services here include:

•    Website Makeovers -where we review your Website and make recommendations on ways to revamp or improve it for best results 

•    Rapid Websites - where we provide immediate results when you need a new site in place fast, for a project, campaign or ongoing use

•    Standard Websites – where you have more time and we can work with you in creating for you a site that meets your specific needs

Social Media

Whether you currently use one or more social media tool or not, we can help you expand your visibility and impact through social media sites such as  Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, Pinterest and others.

Our services here include evaluating your current social media sites and uses, identifying strategic actions to better achieve your goals and, if you like, implementing certain improvements on your behalf.

Let us know what kind of support you need and we’ll  be happy to provide further details on what we can do for you.