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We're long-time pros in working with the media & CAN get your name & news in the spotlight with the print, broadcast & online press!

Getting the attention of the online media can change everything! Not only gaining you high profile attention in front of your target audience … but expanding that audience to new prospects who didn’t even know you existed!

And not only will we help you by crafting a compelling press release, we promise you’ll be seen by the audiences of numerous media outlets across the nation! Even if your focus is on local audiences only, this will help you get best visibility in online searches by the people who you want to find You.

We won’t stop until we get your release featured by major media affiliates like NBC, ABC and CBS, among others! And not just for a day (like a printed newspaper article would be) -- but for weeks, months or longer! 

People searching for you, your news or what you offer will have new and easy ways to see your news and visit your Website, Blog or social media sites (which can be shown in your release). You’ll show up on Google and other searches where you simply didn’t before.

We have releases that have put and kept us on page 1 of Google for over a year.
An exciting opportunity with perpetual value for you! 

So What's the Cost?
You may already be thinking, "I can't afford it"! Then hold onto your seat -- because with our New Year's Special Discount this high impact service is available to you for the reduced price of $500!

To Get Yours Now
You can use any major credit card or PayPal (or PayPal credit) … all within the security and privacy of the PayPal platform, where vendors do not retain or even see your credit card or account information.

Simply go to the button below and use the drop-down box to choose "Option 1 Media".

Note: Only the media services  option is part of the 2020 Special.

We're pleased to offer a range of professional services on a remote basis!

Meeting in person is no longer a necessity for having your goals achieved through outside support. While we're happy to visit in person we're masters at carrying out a host of projects and services on clients' behalf from afar. See our menu of options under Services tab above as well as the services of our parent company: https://cpiconsulting.co/ . If we can support you in still other ways let us know that too (Contact tab above).

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