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Our expert services cover the spectrum of the online environment. Check out the "bountiful" MENU below. Chances are we've got SOLUTIONS to meet your needs.

• Online Events & Programs - Webinars, Webcasts, Simulcasts, Virtual Conferences, talk shows, expos, training & educational sessions, virtual book tours, more

We’re long-time pros in all facets of creating successful online events. The menu of services we offer clients includes: planning, organizing, program development,  finding and arranging for quality speakers, registrations, marketing & PR, technology hosting, moderating and facilitating live events, A/V production, sponsor recruitment, evaluations and more … plus conducting the events online and providing all needed technology resources. 

Since 2005, we’ve been responsible for hundreds of virtual events of all types and sizes … from workshops of 15 – 25 registrants to large multi-speaker conferences of over 1,000 active participants.

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• Online Interviews - Top Interviewers and Interview Designers

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• Online Moderators - Seasoned Professional Moderators for your events

• Online Meetings – Live meetings that take place through the Internet

The menu here includes: meeting planning, organizing, presentation materials, technology hosting, meeting facilitation, recorded minutes and other support

• Social Media 

Getting you established, seen and generating positive results on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In,  Pinterest, other Web platforms for connecting with others

Services include: outreach planning, strategy for marketing and PR, account set-up, page design, orientation to uses and protocols, support in preparing posts, monitoring results -- and Getting You to the Top in search engine results                             Also see here

• Websites – Your online presence through one or more sites

Services include: evaluation of your current site and/or creation of a new site, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, Web metrics tracking and analysis                    
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• Other Online Tools - Current & emerging resources

Online surveys, virtual auctions and a wide assortment of other online tools are available now and many more are on the way. We provide technical, marketing and other professional services for their best use.

• Public Speaking - Effectively presenting your message

Online public speaking is very different than speaking in front of a live on-site audience. We’re pros at both and can teach you how to improve and excel. We also advise on or can assist in the preparation of effective online presentation materials (Power Point slides and others). Also ask about our availability to speak on the topics of this Website at conferences and other events.

• Communications - Timely skills for professionals 

In addition to public speaking, we’re masters at other verbal as well as written communications, of many and varied types and focus … including online writing for e-zines, Websites, social media, Blogs, e-books, more.

• Marketing & PR - Moving target audiences to action

Services here include strategic email campaigns (and steps to have your messages reach and be opened by your target audiences), Internet marketing, strategy for and services in working with the media (press, broadcast and online) and other actions to effectively promote your product, service or message

We also create and distribute far-reaching media releases for clients ... guaranteed to get high-profile coverage with multiple news and media markets 

• Training - Education, skill building, empowerment

In addition to performing direct services for you we also offer training and technical support for functions you may want to take over in full or in part.

• Technology Assessments - Your status, needs, options

Our technology reviews and assessments help organizations understand their technology status, capacity, needs and options, plus ways to ensure that needs are met, now and for the future.

​•  Book Publishing

Want to publish your own book, be it a print or digital book. And have it available online through prestigious online stores like Amazon.com? Yet another area where our experience is extensive and where we offer turn-key services.

We've also already achieved official "Best Seller" status for multiple books ... and know how to do so for others.

Need a variation of the above, or a related service? 

Let us know and chances are we can help, whether directly or by referring you to someone who can.

Your Needs
The easiest way to tell us about your needs is through completing the short survey here. If you prefer to tell us by phone, we do short phone consultations (time permitting) and are happy to connect you with a solutions-professional or call you back at our earliest ability.

Rates & Payments

Rates vary for individual services. We’re happy to provide details for the types of services you’re interested in. 

You can purchase services individually, by the hour or by the project, depending on the particulars. You can also arrange a retainer (for ongoing work) or sign-up for a “package plan”. 

The package plan involves a set dollar amount per month for services on one or more of your projects. These services are provided at a discounted rate based on your decision to purchase a minimum of one month’s worth of support. There’s no required commitment level beyond the first month. However, if you sign-up for six months’ worth, an even greater discount applies. If you decide later that you want to add other services you can easily do that as well. And by choosing the package plan you lock in the low rates for whatever amount of time you commit to … plus ensure the availability of our services to meet your needs on the schedule you're seeking.

Payments may be made online (using major credit card OR Pay Pal account) or through credit or debit card by phone. Government Purchase Orders are accepted. 

Meeting Your Needs

Whether you’re a large organization that wants the best in new era services … or you don’t have a staff or office and need a support team … we’re here to help you achieve what matters to you.

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