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Elder has conducted top-notch interviews with industry experts, authors, nonprofit leaders, major politicians (in Congress, Legislative, other), business executives, community leaders and others. 

Marcia Elder designed and conducted this powerful interview with former US Senator Bob Graham. 

Among other crucial roles, Graham was Co-Chair of the investigatory committee on 911 and wrote the compelling book, Intelligence Matters, on the subject.

Related findings and issues are in the headline news today (2016).

​The near-60 minute interview was part of a national Webcast.

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We’re proud to have a long track record of exceptional interviewing abilities and events. Our team of interviewer pros is absolutely top notch … and this plus our other skills, experience and resources makes for a powerful combination beyond compare.

Our interviewers have the polish, knowledge and skill sets to interview state and national leaders, celebrities, authors and more. Audio & video samples of our expertise are available on request … from recorded live events.

Our services include pre-recorded and live event interviews, on-line or in person — one-on-one as well as moderating and facilitating talk shows, panels and other forums.

Among our talents, we’re masters at planning, organizing, hosting and conducting online interviews. We also design interviews for others and create highly effective questions of interview guests.

In addition to professional online interviews, we’re also long-time pros in providing online technology services for Webcasts, Webinars, virtual conferences, teleseminars, audio/video production and more … and creating on-demand replays of interviews for online access. Plus a host of other virtual services.

Contact us for access to other interviews demonstrating our capabilities. Among our strong skills are: 

  • ​Developing insightful, effective questions of interview guests
  • Conducting interviews with poise, style and professionalism
  • Expertly handling the unexpected in the course of a live interview
  • Making guests feel at ease for their best performance live
  • Communicating with precision and flair while adapting to the style most appropriate to the topic and guest

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