Over 12 years of exceptional service

The Virtual Solutions Center

Marcia Elder is one of the best interviewers around ... 

She's conducted interviews with leaders from many and varied walks of life … business, government, nonprofit, political, civic, authors, and others – on the state and national levels.

Her skills are diverse and far-reaching as are her knowledge and experience in many professional fields and subject areas ... background that adds to the strength of her interviewing abilities.

Nearly 30 years of public speaking experience is a part of her impressive background as well.

She’s also a master at quickly adapting to unexpected changes that sometimes occur in the live interview process.

In addition, she is an advanced trainer and educator in teaching others the skills of interviewing and public speaking.

Ask about Marcia’s availability as an interviewer for your event.

Further details on this interviewer and other sample interviews are available on request ... along with information on other interviewers.